Overseas Buyer's Guide

Overseas Buyers

If you live outside of New Zealand and are considering purchasing a property in Rotorua, it's likely you have some questions.

Below, you will find some commonly asked questions and answers that may help you.

How can Duncan Realty assist overseas buyers to buy property in Rotorua?

Duncan Realty have a team of salespeople who know Rotorua real estate, they are experts in their local areas. They're able to offer knowledge about important amenities such as shops, schools and recreation in order to help match you with the perfect property.

Are there any restrictions for overseas investors buying property in New Zealand?

The New Zealand Government's foreign investment policies are administered by the Overseas Investment Office (OIO), whose prime role is to assess applications for consent from foreigners who intend making substantial investments in New Zealand.

For more information on this process and the OIO, visit the Overseas Investment Office www.oio.linz.govt.nz.

How do I learn more about New Zealand?

The following websites can assist you with learning about New Zealand in more detail: