More questions to consider when listing your home with Duncans


1)      What are the next steps? 

Your sales specialist will arrange an initial meeting to provide you with a free market appraisal and discuss your marketing options. Your sales specialist will also advise you on the best type of agency agreement and sales strategy for your property.


2)      Why Duncans?

Duncan Realty Ltd was formed in February 2003 and has been making its mark as a recognised and respected company in Rotorua. We understand that to be successful we need to get results. For you, that means getting your ‘for sale’ sign changed to a ‘sold’ sign, and your property sold at the best possible price, in the shortest timeframe.


3)      How do I choose a sales specialist?

Who you choose to sell your most valuable asset, can have a huge impact on the outcome. Don’t leave it to chance. It therefore makes sense to take time when choosing your sales specialist to ensure they are right for you. When speaking with any of our sales specialists, feel free to ask questions to ensure you are confident that they have the tools, strategies and experience you require. When you choose to work with Duncans you tap into a wealth of experience that will help you to achieve the best possible result for you.


4)      How will Duncans ensure my property is noticed amongst other property listings?

Duncans have a ten-person strong marketing team who will ensure that every aspect of your marketing, from your signboard to your property advertisements, stand out from the crowd. 


5)      How will you showcase my property to the Duncans buyer networks?

As well as a comprehensive marketing schedule, your property will be discussed at our weekly sales meetings and any of our sales specialists can bring potential buyers through your property. We recommend having weekly open homes too.


6)      How will I gauge the level of interest in my property?

We will supply you with weekly reports and regular contact around buyer interest so you are in the best possible position to negotiate with a buyer to your best advantage.


7)      How important is street appeal when preparing my home for sale?

Street appeal is what initially gains the attention of the buyer. A buyer should be interested enough to be enticed to come inside. If your home looks good from the outside, an expectation arises that it will be just as good on the inside. We can assist you with presentation tips and tricks to help you to prepare the exterior of your home for sale.


8)      How can I dress my home to get the best first impression?

It is important that the interior of your home also looks its best while it’s on the market. Perceived negatives can easily become positives, depending on what buyers want and how they look at it. Your sales specialist is a skilled professional and will work with you to highlight those special features that will win the heart of buyers, and can recommend specialised home staging and styling consultants to assist with this.